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Our Mission

Membership & Meetings

Membership & Meetings

Our mission is to actively promote security within the community,  network with peers and continue educational progression within the  industry.  

Our chapter program is focused on sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas  among security professionals in the local area.  

Ultimately, we want to  advance the field of information security by educating practitioners  and the public at large on how to protect and defend against security  threats.


Membership & Meetings

Membership & Meetings

Membership & Meetings

Our members consist of (ISC)² credentialed professionals, Security  professionals or other advanced concentration certification holders. 

Our chapter business meetings are held monthly, and professional events  and activities are held at various times throughout the year. 

You DO NOT need to hold an  (ISC)² certification to become a member or attend monthly meetings. 


Giving Back

Membership & Meetings

Giving Back

Our chapter strongly believes in giving back to the community. The Omaha  Police K9 Unit protects and serves the public through countless acts of  heroism. The Omaha Lincoln Chapter is committed to donating 15% of our  sponsorship and chapter donations. 

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Membership Fees

There are a variety of benefits for joining the (ISC)² Omaha Lincoln Chapter.  By being a Chapter member, you can:  

  • Earn CPEs by participating in professional activities and monthly lunch meetings.
  • Network with local  Security Professionals.
  • Participate in co-sponsored events with other industry associations.

Annual membership is $120 per year which covers website administration, events, monthly lunch costs and community donation opportunities.  

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